Scarlett Palm (AKA PolyScarlett) is in a loving polyandrous relationship with two men who worship her. She is, of course, always on the lookout for number three.

Scarlett is the author of several successful books, written under a variety of pseudonyms. She owns a cozy beach house filled with antiques and old books on the east coast of the U.S. In their town, the family appears to be a group of friends, frequenting restaurants, clubs, parties, and the beach in pairs and, occasionally, all together. For all you know, Scarlett and her slaves could be your neighbors. They hope to one day be able to openly share their unique, wonderful, and happy family with the world.

For now, Scarlett’s slaves eagerly serve her in the private comfort of their beach house…day and night.

PolyScarlett’s newest book is How To Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’ Story.

600x400-coverStanding in front of the mirror, she turned left and then right, until the shadows on her breasts were just right. Raising her phone, she snapped several photos.

Putting her phone down again, she gazed at her perfect teenage figure in the mirror, smiling. Flawless feet with toenails painted blood red. Lean, muscular legs leading up to the apex of her neatly shaved and swollen pussy lips. She ran her hands up her stomach, and over her nipples. They instantly hardened. She shook her head slightly, and watched her long, wavy, blonde hair shift across her shoulders.

Reaching for her phone once again, she snapped more nude photos of herself before stepping to her computer…

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